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Our Philosophy

We founded Polished in 2008 because you said you wanted a nail salon that was both better and different than the choices available.

You asked for a place where you could relax in a chic, yet inviting environment, but at a price that was not out of this world; a place where you could feel confident about sanitation and hygiene; a place where you were able to communicate effectively about your service preferences and the subsequent financial transaction; a place where you weren’t treated like a number, but as a valued customer with professionalism and genuine warmth.

My wife and I visited literally over one hundred nail salons and learned first-hand what so many of our friends had been telling us for years; that there were typically two choices for nail services: the small salon that may have skilled technicians, but sadly lacked in other aspects of the experience, including sanitation, comfort, professionalism, consistent customer service, and communication skills, particularly relative to appointments and financial transactions; and, at the other end of the spectrum, high-end stylish hotel spas that were unaffordable to most people, and often had a high turnover in technicians, leading to inconsistent service quality.

The answer... Polished. Let us pamper you soon.

Court Westcott
Founder and Chairman